local farmers

We Support Local Farmers – Utah Co-op is proud to support our local growers and producers. Last year, we sold over $1.4 million
worth of local food from over 200 area farms/businesses. We pride ourselves on paying a fair price for local food – we know it’s worth every penny!  When you shop at Utah Co-Op, you recognize the value of putting your money back into the local economy, and the value of paying a fair price for the products you purchase.

400 Miles to Local

 The closest winter hydroponic green house farms are a 1-mile drive away. When our local growing season is in full swing, the vast majority of the Coop's grown and raised product comes from within the 1- to 200-mile range—this includes many of the more than 40 local small-scale farms we buy from (not includng our meat and poultry suppliers). When our region's growing season ends, the Coop sources product from further away, but when possible we try to buy closer to home. 

At the Coop, we define local as within 400 miles, because 400 miles is approximately a one-day-truck-drive away.   This area constitutes a range of growing seasons, allowing us to support many farms in the surrounding regions while supplying our members with a dizzying variety of local product for most of the year. In the winter we try to buy from Florida, in preference over California, when we can. That's about as local as we get for fresh-grown crops in the winter. Whenever possible, storage crops—squash and apples for example—will be local all year long. 

Buying local ensures two important benefits. The first is the benefit that our members reap: fresh product. The second is the support we give to our regional economy. We go for local, but we also try to go for "little," which allows us to help to sustain family-owned farms and farming cooperatives throughout our region. The Coop's buying practices support people who, in general, are dedicated and conscientious stewards of the land. 
 We think this practice makes the idea of "local" hit home—