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Open Friday-Monday 
10 Am-6 PM

 291 E 4500 S  Murray,Utah 84107  801-556-2223 

Tuesday-Thursday for Farming


From our customers

  • Cassie Pasinsky said:   Please let me support this wonderful co-op!!! Cassie!
  • Monica Park Erickson said:   ^^all of the above!!!!!
  • Pauly N Launi Haywood said:   I always have peace of mind when I shop the CoOp. I know that you feed your family the same awesome food you sell. I have also tried new food thanks to the CoOp. I feel like I am supporting local businesses, farms and charities by shopping there and I love that! Happy holidays Mercedes, thank you to you and your family for all that you do
    • Barbara Jurgs Koppang said:  Of course, You know what an impact the Co op has had on us! I am able to afford the organic fruits and vegetables that help my husband heal. We came to Utah with a total of $5.00 left in my pocket after losing everything material. But we are slowly climbing out of the hole. Eating healthy gives my family more energy to recover.
    • Sallie Vigo Miller said:   I FEEL safer in the food consumption….esp meats.
    • Brenda L Chavez said:   the biggest one for my family is the availability if organic meats and produce! with out the Co-op we would not be able to afford to provide these items to our kids!

      • 5.0 star rating

        I love shopping at the co-op. It is so much more convenient than going to farmer's markets between parking, crowds, and not having to figure out what produce is organic or not (it all is) as well as getting a variety of foods in one spot. Plus, it's a non-profit so they support all kinds of awesome local programs and Mercedes, who runs it, is amazing. They always have deals going on and if they don't have something you want, they'll take special requests :)


      • 5.0 star rating
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        Cute little market if you don't want to wait for the farmers market.  Everything from coffee, chocolate, cleaning supplies to local meat eggs and produce! They do amazing things for the community too

      • 5.0 star rating
        • First to Review

        Seriously the best place to shop for fresh veges and fruit in the entire valley.
        The selection is amazing - all organic.
        The eggs, bread, large bags of grains and beans, organic and grass fed beef, dairy products. The list goes on.  If you have never shopped there, you need to start.  We have had the most amazing vegetables this winter that taste like I walked outside and picked them fresh from my garden.

        Thank you for being a part of this valley.

      Utah Co-op – Murray Utah : Health Store Reviews and Ratings – HappyCow

      Member-owned and operated food store emphasizing organic, minimally processed, and healthful foods. Stocks many vegetarian, vegan, as well gluten-free products. Previously located on Commerce Dr, Aug 2014.

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