We support a fair and just economy. Paying farmers fairly is an important part of the work we do at the Utah Co-Op to help support a just economy. Our selection of Fair Trade items (including coffee, chocolate, and bath and body care products) is unrivalled. Many of the Fair Trade businesses we support are cooperatives just like us! These cooperative partnerships ensure that a part of your purchase of fairly-traded products supports economic and social development in indigenous communities. We also do our best to ensure that local farmers and producers receive a fair price for the products they sell to Utah Co-Op.

We buy local first in an effort to sustain our local economy. We specialize in International Gourmet Foods and gluten free products to help provide for the growing needs of the people of Utah. The food is never out-dated, or damaged. Through collective purchasing, we order mass quantities of these items at very low prices we add on average a quarter to each item to cover the market rent and utilities. Since all work in provided by volunteers there never is payroll.

The Utah Co-Op is not just about saving money, it’s about working together for a common good. You can feel good about shopping at the Utah Co-Op because our products are carefully selected to be minimally packaged, avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives, be certified organic, and locally produced if possible.

Utah Co-Op Market & Farm The Utah Co-Op is a non-profit organization passionate about providing access to healthy foods to community members who need it most. Through the Utah Co-Op Market and Farm an average of one million dollars worth of goods and services is donated each year. The Utah Co-Op Market focuses on donating and selling healthy, natural, and organic food to residents without the financial barrier of membership fees. Additionally, collaborating with Utah Charities Angel Program and Feed the Poor Program, the Utah Co-Op engages underserved members in the community by providing healthy foods and volunteerism. Volunteer opportunities not only provide ways for participants to give back and strengthen community ties but gain valuable job skill experience to improve employability. The Utah Co-Op Farm has integrated educational programing to provide opportunities for youth and people with disabilities to actively learn and participate in farming. Regularly facilitating programs which give a “hand up, not a hand out,” the Utah Co-Op runs 2.68 acre community farm located in Holladay, Utah. Program participants not only benefit from the physical aspects of gardening but the social component as well. The Utah Co-Op Farm is not just a place to grow food, but healthy habits, relationships and a sense of community. Needs • Identify funding for long-term stability of the Farm and farming programs. • Solar and alternative energy resources to sustainably power the Farm and Market. BENEFITS Economic • Supports local farmers, business owners and entrepreneurship. • Provides a stable economic model for farmers and consumers with lower transportation costs. • Money spent at the Utah Co-Op Market stays within and helps build the local economy. • Aids in training work force through volunteer opportunities and programs. Community Health • Offers affordable produce and health foods to promote healthy food choices. • Promotes a creative and collaborative Farm in order to increase the community’s sense of land stewardship and knowledge of local agricultural practices. • Provides farm participants outdoor activities which promote physical and social well-being. • Includes and engages people with disabilities by providing accessible farm space and structures. Environmental • Models active recycling, waste reduction and composting practices. • Fosters sound ecological and environmental practices. Partners The National Park Service (NPS) Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program (RTCA) provided assistance in planning for the development of the Utah Co-Op Farm. The Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) aided in the Farm development the farm property’s current soil and vegetation conditions. . Canyon School .TURN Community service For more information contact: Utah Co-Op 291 E 4500 Murray, UT 84107 801-556-2223