We support a fair and just economy. Paying farmers fairly is an important part of the work we do at the Utah Co-Op to help support a just economy. Our selection of Fair Trade items (including coffee, chocolate, and bath and body care products) is unrivalled. Many of the Fair Trade businesses we support are cooperatives just like us! These cooperative partnerships ensure that a part of your purchase of fairly-traded products supports economic and social development in indigenous communities. We also do our best to ensure that local farmers and producers receive a fair price for the products they sell to Utah Co-Op.

We buy local first in an effort to sustain our local economy. We specialize in International Gourmet Foods and gluten free products to help provide for the growing needs of the people of Utah. The food is never out-dated, or damaged. Through collective purchasing, we order mass quantities of these items at very low prices we add on average a quarter to each item to cover the market rent and utilities. Since all work in provided by volunteers there never is payroll.

The Utah Co-Op is not just about saving money, it’s about working together for a common good. You can feel good about shopping at the Utah Co-Op because our products are carefully selected to be minimally packaged, avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives, be certified organic, and locally produced if possible.