History Of The Co-op

A Brief History of Utah Co-op

Co-op initiated as Utah Co-op in SLC by a group of 6 community minded individuals, concerned about the environment and interested in organic food.

The Co-op operated as a buying club, which initially met monthly to pre-order dry goods.  As interest grew, these orders were supplemented with weekly distribution of organic fruits and vegetables.  All members volunteered time, and goods were distributed from a warehouse on Redwood Rd.  Within two years, the Co-op had 100 members and began to retain a small inventory, which was accumulated by charging a small .05 to .25 cent mark-up on pre-ordered goods. Disney took on give a day get a day program with the Utah Co-op  

At Co-op’s first retreat, Board of Directors established to facilitate more efficient governance. Co-op opened for first time to non-member shoppers.
Co-Op out grew its original location and moved to a rental space  a 2,100 square foot storefront at 4892 S Commerce drive,Murray Utah

During our 5 years at this location, the Co-op’s membership grew from 300 to more than 7,000, our volunteer staff from five to 25, and sales grew tenfold.  After a decade at this site, it had become clear that we had outgrown the space, and we spent many years trying to expand.

Almost two years of negotiations followed by extensive property searches , the Co-op purchased its first local start up farm in the Murray/Holladay area 

the Co-op had out grown the second location and needed more space for program outreach after much collective work  the Co-op opened for business at 291 E 4500 S its first purchased building for a store site, a building diagonally across murray 1.1 miles from old location and 1.1 miles from the farm.

We would like to thank our volunteer managers and original founding members.