About the Co-Op

The Utah Co-Op is a member-owned and operated food store– an alternative to commercial profit-oriented business. As members, we contribute our ideas and work together to build trust. Member cooperation and teamwork enables us to keep prices as low as possible within the context of our values and principles. All residents of Utah are members and may shop, and we share responsibilities and benefits equally. We strive to be a responsible and ethical neighbor. We are a buying agent for our members and not a selling agent for any Industry. We are a part of and support the cooperative movement. We offer a diversity of products with an emphasis on organic, minimally processed and healthful foods. We seek to avoid products that depend on the exploitation of others. We support non-toxic, organic sustainable agriculture.

What Kind of group are we? It’s a simple idea, really – We are a Co-Op!

Being a Co-Op means that we’re owned by our local community and we’re pleased to be a part of our area’s diversity and lifestyle. You don’t have to be a member to shop at the Co-Op; everyone is welcome! We sponsor membership to all Utah residents currently we have a membership of just over 12,000 members (free sponsorship is one of many programs provided by Utah Charities-Simply show your state ID proving residency )
Utah Co-Op Organic strives to support local and organic farmers in serving their surrounding communities. We strive to change the consciousness of not only our small, immediate community in regards to eating raw, local, and organic, but also the greater consciousness of surrounding communities in regards to living healthfully, happily, and freely.