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We sponsor all Utah residents with free membership  to the Utah CoOp to make eating healthy affordable 
Everyone is welcome at the Utah Co-Op. Just do your shopping like you would anywhere else with over 5,000 wholesale items to pick from

   Utah Co-op 

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What is a Co-op?       
 What Kind of group are we? It’s a simple idea, really –
We are a Co-op!
Being a Co-op means that we’re owned by our local community and we’re pleased to be a part of our area’s diversity and lifestyle. You don’t have to be a member to shop at the Co-op; everyone is welcome! We sponsor membership to all Utah residents currently we have a membership of just over 12,000 members (free sponsorship is one of many programs provided by Utah Charities-Simply show your state ID proving resedency )
Why Should I Shop at the Co-op? Because the Co-op:
♦  Is locally owned.(keeping money local)
♦  Supports local farmers and businesses.
♦  Carries high quality foods with minimal processing and without artificial additives.
♦  Offers competitively priced, organically grown foods.(Many times below wholesale,we price match all store ads)
♦  Consistently researches and investigates products to ensure high quality.
♦  Allows you to buy just what you need or larger amounts for bigger savings.
♦  Offers special orders if we don’t carry what you’re looking for ask, Bulk quantities often receive 30-50% discounts off retail prices.
♦  Fosters sound ecological practices and promotes active recycling.
♦  Is a community non profit , not a large multi-national corporation. Co-op shoppers know that their food dollars STAY in our community.
♦  Accepts cash, American express,Discover,Visa/Master Card, SNAP/ EBT, 

The Utah Co-Op is not just about saving money, it’s about working together for a common good.
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